About Us

EXTRIS, founded in 2008 near Como, the Italian textiles capital, produces high-tenacity monofilament screen printing polyester fabrics. Unlike other manufacturer our quest for high quality starts from the yarn. We source only those yarns that offer the highest performance or meet specific criteria such as, for example, our antistatic mono-wire fabrics (a carbon covered PA 6.6 wire).

The careful attention to details, together with the latest manufacturing technologies sets us aside from the competition . By combining tradition with innovation we bring you levels of quality previously unseen in our market.

Cutting edge technology with attention to details

Our Dornier looms, considered by many as the most advanced in the world are enhanced by cutting edge plasma technology enhancing the inherent qualities of our fabrics. We source the best possible yarns and even then we rigorously carry out demanding quality checks to ensure only the best is used and delivered to our customers. We are one of the few specialists in this sector that has experienced continuous growth since 2009.

Customer care and special orders

Our advanced technology would be insignificant were it not for our high level of customer service and technical support. We aim to create long lasting partnerships with our customers, never afraid of offering unique customisation levels that would be impossible to seek from larger manufacturers, as well as advice at all stages of their printing operations. We are a small yet dynamic operation and we pride ourselves in our ability offer you the highest customisation levels to meet your most demanding requirements, yet at the most competitive rates.

Same day delivery

We maintain a very large stock with ready to despatch fabrics, often delivered the same day of your order.

Quality Management processes

Our Quality Management processes are certified according to ISO 9001 : 2008 and all our production practices are fully compliant with ISO 14001:2004 standards