EXTRIS, founded in 2008 near Como, the Italian textiles capital, produces high-tenacity monofilament screen printing polyester fabrics. Unlike other manufacturer our quest for high quality starts from the yarn. We source only those yarns that offer the highest performance or meet specific criteria such as, for example, our antistatic mono-wire fabrics (a carbon covered PA 6.6 wire).

The careful attention to details, together with the latest manufacturing technologies sets us aside from the competition . By combining tradition with innovation we bring you levels of quality previously unseen in our market.

EXTRIS produces technical textiles woven into square shaped mesh or regular, for a wide variety of precision filtration applications. The fabrics are made ​​from polyester, polyamide or polypropylene yarns using the latest DORNIER looms with considerable flexibility of realization. The EXTRIS filtration fabrics range offers perfectly regular mesh openings ranging from a minimum of 20 μ to over 1000μ.

In its factory near Como (Italy), EXTRIS also has the ability to modify the fabrics' surface characteristics by adding hydrophilic or hydrophobic properties, depending on the required customer application.

The filtration fabrics thus produced are then packaged according to requirements using different technologies, from laser cutting allowing to shape the tissues in extremely irregular shapes, to sewing with high tenacity mono-filaments for filter bags, thermal cutting for high precision belt filters, or even ultrasonic welding for filter tubes of extremely small diameters.