Screen printing fabrics

Our monofilament polyester
SUPREX fabrics have been expressly designed for the production of scree n printing frames, allowing the creation of prints of the highest quality thanks to their inherent stability, which is greater than that of the competition. Once stretched and pasted on the frame the fabric’s natural tension drop, even after 24 hours, is very small compared to the one detectable on similar products from other manufacturers.

Wide range high performance

These high performance levels are obtained thanks to the special polyester polymer used in the production of the wire, together with the most advanced manufacturing processes and in particular the thermal stabilization of the fabric. Thanks to SUPREX you can reach very high consistency levels with precise registration even with large batches of print.

The SUPREX range comprises solutions for very open mesh for printing inks of high granulometry, glitter and also flocking, up to fabrics with a high density for printing of UV inks and high-definition image registration.

SUPREX PST Plasma treated

For maximum emulsion adhesion and reduced degradation we offer our own plasma treated fabrics in the SUPREX PST range.


Stronger and longer lasting.
Plasma treated carried out as part of manufacturing processes.
State of the art manufacturing and quality controls.
Outstanding dimensional stability.
Unique Oeko-Tek product certification (*).
Highest traceability at all levels.
Lower prices


Longer print runs.
High overall performance.
Superior emulsion adhesion.
Top image quality consistency.
Unique environmental standards.
Lower overall output costs.
(*) The Oeko-Tek certification ensures that any fabric that may come into contact with human skin is completely safe and doesn’t release harmful chemical substances.

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