Extris, close to those who fight against COVID-19

Extris is a company made up of people who create opportunities with, and for, other people, first of all.

 So, during the COVID-19 pandemic, which broke out in March 2020, we felt the need, and duty, to make our contribution. In this difficult moment we have started the project for the production of certified Surgical Masks and FFP2 certified Masks.

In such a dramatic moment, we first of all thought about the safety and psychophysical well-being of our collaborators through the inclusion of particularly rigid safety and control systems:

  • We have protected our staff by activating smart working in rotation and reducing the presence in the company to 50%, equipping everyone with remote access and communication systems (VPN, video cameras, laptops);
  • At the main entrance we have installed an automatic temperature meter with facial recognition that checks the presence of the facial mask;
  • We have installed hand sanitizer vending machines in the various offices;
  • Entry into the company by non-employees was limited and controlled;
  • We immediately introduced the various social distancing procedures;
  • Working places and common areas are subjected to continuous disinfection;
  • We have trained all contributors with respect to quarantine and fiduciary quarantine information.
  • We continue to stay in constant contact with our suppliers to feed the supply chain on a daily basis;

We have shortened the distances towards our customers:

  • We have equipped our salespeople with personal protective equipment;
  • We comply with European directives provided by government and health authorities, in any country;
  • We provide constant advice and one-to-one assistance through video calls and video conferences.

In May 2020 we obtained the EXTRIS Quality System Certification according to the ISO 13485 standards (for the production of Medical Devices) and we started producing certified Surgical Masks by supplying some important industrial groups, and the Italian Government.

In January 2021 we also certified the FFP2 Masks by supplying them to important industrial groups and being chosen as official suppliers by General Figliuolo, extraordinary commissioner for the implementation and coordination of the necessary measures for the containment and contrast of the epidemiological emergency COVID-19 in Italy.

Last, but absolutely not least, we have donated our masks both to relief organizations (the Italian Red Cross) and to people in particularly fragile situations through the help of the Catholic Church.

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