EXTRIS: Italian manufacturer of technical fabrics

EXTRIS is an Italian manufacturer of technical fabrics used for the production of screen printing stretched frames or to produce high precision and fine micrometer filters.
The company consists of a weaving department with highly sophisticated looms and a fabrication department where high-tech machines are used.


EXTRIS was founded in 2008 by Daniele De Rosa after a decade of experience at the helm of another technical fabric manufacturing firm.

EXTRIS set out to become an effective alternative to the products present on the market at that time which, despite being all the same, tried to appear different by adopting names that suggested use for specific applications.

Capitalizing on its superior technical experience, EXTRIS was quickly able to offer the market efficient products at a price commensurate with their functional purpose.

The economic crisis of 2009-2010 brought about the closure of several competitors, and EXTRIS acquired part of Tecnotessile in Appiano Gentile and Wängi Mesh AG in Wängi (CH), quickly achieving international size as a company.

In the years following this the company has been distinguished by its persistent drive towards excellence in production processes, becoming the first weaver of fabrics for screen printing and filtration in Italy to obtain ISO14001 certification and, subsequently, the first in the world to certify its fabrics according to the strict Oeko-Tex standard.

The EXTRIS weaving mill is equipped with advanced technologies such as a plasma treatment system and laser guided process machines, and has also expanded its operations over the years to include the weaving of technical belts.

Subsequent to these events, EXTRIS also built up its filter fabricating operations by adopting technologies such as hot and laser cutting, hot sealing, ultrasonic and radiofrequency sealing, large pantograph cutting and automatic die-cutting.

Finally, in 2020, in response to the government’s requests, EXTRIS developed a range of devices for respiratory tract protection. A so-called “clean room” was set up for the production of medical devices. The company has obtained ISO 13485 certification and is actively contributing to the fight against the pandemic.

At the end of 2020, the international presence of EXTRIS fabrics and filters was further strengthened with the opening of the branch in Istanbul (TR).

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