Fabrics for Screen Printing

The EXTRIS range of fabrics for screen printing frames is manufactured with high-tenacity polyester monofilament and offers characteristics that cover the complete spectrum of screen printing demands.

EXTRIS has a technical team that is at the customer’s disposal to come up with non-standard solutions to meet specific application needs even beyond the use of standard fabric. Thanks to its flexible operation and the highly skilled personnel EXTRIS show an unsurpassed ability to design, produce and offer fabric out of the common standard range of thread density or yarn size even for medium-sized quantities.

The most significant characteristics in screen-printing fabrics relate to the dimensional stability after the fabric is glued to the metal frame.

EXTRIS has carried out numerous tests over the years and successfully linked the fabric tension drop after gluing to the type of stretching process employed.

Extremely rapid stretching processes tend to “wear out” the yarn which may show a small tension drop after relaxation but which loses almost completely its elasticity by reacting relatively slowly to the pressure of the squeegee during printing. That making difficult to obtain sharp edges image.

EXTRIS also utilizes extremely versatile technologies such as a plasma treatment system to modify the physical characteristics of the surface of the fabrics, making them hydrophilic and allowing for better adhesion of the photo-emulsion.

On the other hand, a stretching process where the phases of tension alternate to phases of relaxation allows the fabric to withstand extremely high tensions without cracking the internal polycrystalline structure of the yarn and thus maintains all its elastic characteristics. Thus making the fabric to quickly detach from the print media after the squeegee has passed.
Tension drop values between 9% and 13% are normal and indicate that the fabric has been stressed within a sustainable range. Values outside of this range indicate the need to review the stretching process applied.

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