Surgical Masks

EXTRIS has leveraged its extensive knowledge of microfiltration fabrics to develop a Type IIR Surgical Mask for healthcare personnel.

The EXTRIS project made exclusive use of bacteriostatic polypropylene-based materials in order to minimize the risk of bacterial proliferation.

The materials were also selected and evaluated on the basis of full compliance with non-toxicity, biocompatibility and non-irritation needs, and in the specific desire to avoid even the slightest presence of heavy metals, fiberglass or latex.

The Surgical Masks have passed the laboratory tests required by the ISO 14683 and EN 1041 standards and are classified as Type IIR (i.e. resistant even to a pressurized jet of liquid).

The EXTRIS Quality Management System is also certified according to the ISO 13485 standards for the production of medical devices, which is an essential requirement in order to self-certify placement of the CE marking according to EEC Reg. 93/42 and subsequent amendments.

The SPES c Surgical Masks are registered with the Italian Ministry of Health with ID no. 1991015

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